Welcome on my site.

Here you will find some of the toy soldiers and accessories I’m selling.

• First Legion figures : with their exquisite sculpting and painting, they a surely the finest ‘mass-produced’ figures on the market.
• Thomas Gunn figures : full of live figure. I mainly (but not only) stock their French Foreign Legion series.
• Mounted and foot Altaya knights (made by Frontline). A wide range of figures a very good quality for a very reasonable price.
• For my own collection, I’ve designed and built some backgrounds, buildings and dioramas. These include a desert fort for the FFL, sections of roman camps, Indian walls and palaces. Most of them can be customized to your needs. Please contact me with your requirement.
• Alma Figures : unpainted kits of the belligerents of the Crimea War (British, Russian, French and Turks).
• Old Britains (from the 70’s to 2000)

If you do not find what you are looking for, please use the contact form for any enquiry.