Like most collectors I display my own figures collection in shelves and I’ve always been looking for items to enhance the background of the display.
    As I didn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to produce my own background startig with Indian/Durbar theme.

    The background elements are specifically designed for shelf display : most of them have a limited height (so they can fit in most shelves) and limited depth (so they leave room for your figures).
    As they are to be displayed in the background only one face is sculpted.

    The elements are produced in a very hard dental plaster that doesn’t ship (but break if dropped…). They are then painted with natural paint and finally varnished.

    As the backgrounds are quite heavy and may be prone to damage during shipping, I only deliver them in hands during shows (London, Brussels or Anderlecht)
    So if you are interested in some of them, send me an email to discuss your requirements.